28 November 2009

A Very Special Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is particularly special.

The Lord has made us rich; we have stable minds and bodies, jobs we enjoy, families who love and support us, a roof over our heads, steady income, heat, clothes, food. We are rich indeed. And looking back over our lives, it is easy to pinpoint the many ways in which we have squandered our riches. But God has chosen to continue to heap blessings upon us. And so we choose to hold onto our gifts loosely, so as to give in the gracious ways we have been given.

That said, we now have a whole new blessing in our lives: the gift of new life. And so, without further ado, we introduce to you... "Vanilla Bean."

12 October 2009

New Hampshire

Sam's parents came to visit us at the end of September. They graciously treated us to a long weekend in New Hampshire and Maine. It was so wonderful to have them!

13 September 2009

Camping in Vermont

We can finally check Vermont off our list of states to visit! We headed up to Lake Champlain this past weekend for a quick get away. The weather was perfect and we had a beautiful campsite right on the lake. Sam rocked the fire pit and we enjoyed s'mores every night. New England summers go by so quickly! Stay tuned for fall....